Let an online business pioneer help you choose, start, and run the home business of your dreams!

Get expert advice about:

  • How to start any online business from home.
  • How to start seven of the most recession-proof online businesses.
  • What makes each internet business model recession-proof (and how to keep it that way).
  • How the most successful online entrepreneurs diversify their income streams to build a rock-solid business.
  • Online marketing tips and how to get clients.

Complete with a Directory of Resources and a Glossary, along with expert quotes and illustrations.

But isn’t it all online?

It’s difficult to learn a multi-faceted process by reading blog posts and articles covering one aspect or another. How do you put it all together into a start-up plan and solid success strategy, when you only know bits and pieces? Nothing beats a book when you need a roadmap with clear, actionable steps, guided by a qualified writer.

Melody McKinnon is an internet entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in a wide range of online business models, backed by a formal business education and enhanced by training and mentorship. No ‘bots’, AI software or ghost writers were used in the writing of this book. It is based entirely on the first-hand experience of the author and her many mentors.

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This book focuses on teaching you what you should know to start a successful, recession-resistant, online business at home. No more, no less. Lightning fast, thunderous impact.

7 Recession Proof Online Businesses to Start From Home is available on Amazon and other major ebook retailers.

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